SharePoint 2013 Workflow Development for App Solutions

Below are some useful links about developing SharePoint 2013 Workflows.

Getting Started with using Visual Studio 2013 to developed workflow:

  1. Developing SharePoint 2013 workflow with VS introductory video
  2. Deploying first workflow with VS 2013 video
  3. Deploying approval workflow in SharePoint 2013 hosted app with VS 2013 video

Scripts for Workflow Deployment

How to find a way to use PowerShell or CSOM to upload and deploy a sandboxed workflow .wsp file?

  1. “Add-SPSolution” command is not available in SharePoint Online management shell. So, we cannot use PowerShell to update and deploy a solution in SharePoint Online environment. Meanwhile, here is index of Windows PowerShell for SharePoint Online cmdlets for your reference:

2. Used the helper class from CodePlex. The activation code is as follows below in CSOM:

SandboxSolutions.ActivateSolution(siteCollectionURl, cookies, “solution_name.wsp”);

3. Use PowerShell Script to deploy a Workflow WSP Sandbox  solution to the solution gallery. (You may find this link useful on how to deploy SPD WF with PowerShell script)

4. Alternatively, the manual way is to follow this steps.



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  5. Developing SharePoint 2013 workflow in VS video – By Andrew Connell
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Safari books online:

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