When using SPMeta 2, the first starting point is to read the two links below to find out more about what is SPMeta2:

Then the next step is to Learn the basics

Finally lets get cracking on how to implement and use SPMeta2. You can follow this link  Get started from scratch or alternately follow my instructions below.

Step 1: Installing NuGet

The pre-requisite is to ensure that you have NuGet installed for your Visual Studio (VS). NuGet is available for the following clients:

  1. Follow my blog here on how to install NuGet in VS.


Step 2: Setting up SPMeta2

  1. Go to SubPointSolutions homepage on Github and download the latest SPMeat2. NOTE: Check the release note first to ensure that you are downloading the latest stable version and NOT the beta (still have bugs) version.
  2.  Extract the zip file.
  3.  One you have SPMeta2 solutions open (SPMeta2.sln) in VS 2013, you can either build it with Visual Studio 2013 or use “build.ps1″ script located in /SPMeta2/SPMeta2.Build folder. NOTE: Trying to open the solution in previous version of VS lower than 2013 will fail in opening a project such as SPMeta2\SPMeta2.Containers.O365\SPMeta2.Containers.AppContainer\SPMeta2.Containers.AppContainer.csproj


Step 3: Create a CSOM Solution for SharePoint 2013

  1. Create a new Console Application in VS 2013
  2. In Console App, right click “References”->Manage NuGet Packages
  3. Search and install SPMeta2.CSOM.Foundation package
  4. Search and install SPMeta2.SSOM.Foundation package
  5. Add reference Microsoft.SharePoint.Client (v15)
  6. Add reference Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime (v15)


Step 4: Setup your definitions, model and provision service
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