Installing NuGet in Visual Studio

Disclaimer: Acknowledgement on the content for this post was taken from NuGet site

Using the Visual Studio Extension Manager

In Visual Studio, click Tools and then Extension Manager. Naviging to Online, find the NuGet Package Manager extension and click Download.

Extension Manager showing NuGet

In the Installer dialog box, click Install.

Visual Studio Extension Installer

When installation is complete, close and re-open Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Extension Installer Complete

NuGet is now ready to use.

Updating NuGet in Visual Studio

You can update NuGet using the Visual Studio Extension Manager. Navigate to the Extension Manager and click on the Updates tab to check for updates.

If there is a new version of NuGet you will see it in the list of available updates.

Extension Manager showing a new version of NuGet available

Select NuGet in the list and click Update. When the update is complete, close and re-open all open instances of Visual Studio.