To allow Corporate Quality business unit to easily manage and track their schedule audits on the SharePoint 2010 intranet site, RCR Tomlinson needs to achieve the following business goals:

  • A dedicated collaborative intranet site collection that will assist end-users with task of tracking company wide audit such as migrate and import audit documents and spreadsheets from network drive into lists and document libraries.



RCR Tomlinson business unit Corporate Quality has their own Audit Schedule intranet site that allows its staff members to easily find and track uploaded audit documents. A schedule email reminders will be sent to user when an audit is 60 and 30 days before audit date is about to expired.

This is achieved with developing the following solutions in SharePoint 2010 intranet site:

  • Developed maser page for Corporate division individual branding;
  • Developed custom lists to maintain: i) Facility sites address details ii)Capture upcoming schedule audits iii)Upload audit document to document library for internal, external and customer document library;
  • Each document library is programmatically setup as a document set and content types (internal, external and customer);
  • Uploaded document is associated to an audit schedule list and automatically update its status to completed via an event receiver;
  • A timer job was developed to send workflow email to managers, group email and individual user of when an audit is 60 and 30 days in advance before its audit date is expired; and
  • Web-Part was developed to render a JQuery table UI that shows pending audit with: column sorting, column filter, free text search and pagination.

The solution is compile as two Audit Schedule deployment packages below that are required for a successful deployment:

  • rcr.sp.framework.wsp – SharePoint Framework: DLL that contains the SharePoint services that are re-usable for many applications; and
  • rcr.auditschedule.wsp – Solution package: Custom solution package that contains CSS, list, content type, master page and web part feature

The As-Built Documentation on how to deploy the solution package can be read below:

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