To allow staff to easily find information on the SharePoint 2010 intranet site in less time and effort, RCR Tomlinson needs to achieve the following business goals:

  • A dedicated SharePoint 2013 Enterprise Search Center site collection that will crawl and find content  from SharePoint 2010; and
  • Each business unit has its own departmental intranet site with its own search feature so that finding metadata and contents is scoped to be search within each department.



RCR Tomlinson Safety business unit has their own Safe Act Observation (SAO) sub-site that allows its staff members to upload, check-in/out and maintain various documents and submit 2010 InfoPath forms in SharePoint 2010 intranet. Every changes made to documents and forms will need to be easily found with the SharePoint portal Search Center 2013.

SAO has an SharePoint 2010 InfoPath form, which in particular has custom Meta data fields that needs to be searchable. This is achieved with developing the following solutions in SharePoint 2013 Search site:

The above solutions are packaged as two SAO package solutions below that are required for a successful deployment:

  • rcr.sp.framework.wsp – SharePoint Framework: DLL that contains the SharePoint services that are re-usable for many applications; and
  • rcr.safeactobservation.wsp – SAO solution package: Custom solution package that contains CSS, list and display templates content web part feature that can added onto a search page.

The As-Built Documentation on how to deploy the SAO solution package can be read below: