To allow fishermen, receivers and processors to productively submit their trip return and catch data online at Fish Eye Portal site in less time and effort, the Department of Fisheries Western Australia needs to achieve the following business goals:

  • A custom built online form that will allow existing online receivers to upload multiple files of their catch data while out on the sea; and
  • Save time for online receivers by avoiding to submit their individual return catch at a time.


The Kraken system is a new web form that is hosted from the Fish Eye portal site that allows Receivers to do bulk upload and processes up to 100 consignment XML files per batch. A batch is considered one upload transaction.

The bulk upload functionality will encourage the Receivers to use the Fish Eye Online Service, which will reduce the amount of manual input activities that the Department of Fisheries is required to undertake with paper based forms.

Fishery bulk upload form

The prerequisites of the Kraken system are:

  1. All consignment XML files has locally save to a folder located on your desktop computer.
  2. Ensure that each XML consignment file has conformed to the following validation business rule below. Otherwise the consignment file will fail during the submission:
    • The XML schema validation rule; and
    • The validation rule.
  3. End user will need to use Internet Explorer version 10 or higher to allow multiple consignment files to be uploaded.

The web form was successfully delivered and release to the public website Fish Eye Portal using the following technologies:

  • Application page was developed in SharePoint 2010 as a package solution with Visual Studio 2010.  The application page contains the front end HTML, CSS,  JavaScript and ASP .NET controls (upload an clear button, browse file and info panel) to render the page.
  • The back-end code use C#.NET to upload XML files , validate the XML files contains the corrected schema and a successful validation will upload a copy of the XML file into a SharePoint document library and sends the original XML to BizTalk server end-point for processing.
  • End-user receiver will receive an email notification to verify the status of their submission.