To allow New Zealand (NZ) Energy unit to easily manage version control, upload and check-in/out their documents & drawings on the SharePoint 2010 intranet site, RCR Tomlinson needs to empower the users to achieve the following business goals:

  • Deliver NZ Automation Source Control (ASC) intranet site collection that will record what changes were made to the document;
  • Record who made the changes;
  • Keep version history archive; and
  • Reporting tool to track what users had done via version history.



To achieve the objective, the following event-receiver features were implemented:

  • Item checking in – Validate the end-user to having to enter mandatory comments prior to checking in a document;
  • Item checked in – Increment revision number of document according to RCR document life cycle, that is: If a document is tested in office, then use revision 1; If document was downloaded to a site and modified, then use revision 2; If a document was modified outside original scope, then use revision 3; and
  • When downloading a check-in document file, there is a custom menu download link provided to the end-users. When user clicks on this download link, a pop-up dialog window will ask user to confirm checking out a document prior to downloading and opening the document for update.

The As-Built documentations on how to deploy the ASC solutions can be downloaded below:

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