At the Microsoft Ignite 2019 conference, they announced the new capabilities in MS Team for to streamline the way people collaborate with others via chats, meeting, emails and video conference.  To learn move about the new feature release of MS Team, which will be release in 2020 road map, watch this video that demonstrate the direction of where MS Team app will be heading in the new year.


13 million daily active users who are already using MS Teams are using the existing features such chat, online meetings with other people via video conference, desktop screen sharing, make outgoing/incoming calls, integrate with third party apps, just to name a few. So end-users will be excited when the new features of MS Teams are the following:

  1. Chat translation into multiple languages:  End-users can chat with people who don’t speak native English. The posted chats can be translated into your own language.
  2. Add customise background during live video chats, instead of using a blur background: End-users can pretend that they are at different place during video chat
  3.  Priority notifications:  Important/urgent text message can be sent to others  on mobile devices e.g. medical information send to your GP.
  4. Pop out chat & meeting window: End-users can open and pop up multiple chat windows, to allow multi-tasking collaborations. End-user can also pop out meeting window out of MS Teams into a separate and independent window.
  5. Cross channel posting: Send/share the same post to multiple channels.
  6. Yammer integration: Yammer news feed UX within MS Teams. End-users can stay within MS Teams to use Yammer.
  7. Private channels: End-users can create private channels that only certain invited members can privately chat with other invited members.
  8. Tasks: – End-users can add private tasks for themselves or create team tasks and assign it to other members within a Team channel. Tasks also includes progress charts, see tasks assign to others and calendar view.
  9. Email sharing: Share email to a person, group or channel in MS Teams. Vice versa also works where end-users can share a chat/post from MS Teams and send it to Outlook.
  10. Live captions: During video conference meeting, end-users can turn on live caption and this will display sub-titles as people speaks.
  11. Whiteboard: Whiteboard integrates in MS Teams. But also can detect a physical white board in meeting room and make the board transparent in MS Teams so that others can see what is being written on the physical board.