The DNA of David Liong is about the values he upholds and how how his values can add values into his clients.

DNA Statement

David’s four core values are the principles behind everything he does for the customers and who he is:

  • Result-OrientedCommitted to delivering business solutions that brings quality results to meeting customer’s requirements.
  • CollaborativeTeam player that succeed together with stake holders and co-workers as part of a collective expertise.  Everyone in the team is a winner when results has successfully been delivered to achieved an objective.
  • Self-GrowthContinually learning new technologies and application products, in order to be innovative in delivering a solution for clients. As well as being surrounded by a supportive and learning work environment that  strengths David’s skill sets.
  • Socially AwareMutual respect with clients and co-workers,  and keep an open communications in a supportive tone that keeps everyone informed with the process of work status.

What others have said about David

Here are the testimonies of some customers providing feedback about David’s work ethnics and values he brings into the environment:

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